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Hooly Loans offers flexible personal loans to repay between 2 and 42 months with a minimum APR of 6.95% and a maximum of 2,899.03%.
For example, for a loan of € 3,000 with repayment in 12 months, the costs will be € 710.28, the total amount to be repaid will be € 3,710.28 with an APR of 49.9%.

Save time and money

With just one application, you can get different loan offers from different companies in just 15 minutes. Select the best offer and save money.


Hooly Loans offers loans of up to 10,000 euros.

When you leave a loan application, it will be presented to different banks to get the best offer. Immediate loans are not guaranteed. They can be granted without endorsement, without payroll, without paperwork. 100% online!

Who can apply for a loan?

if you are between 18 and 80 years old
you reside in Cameroon
you have a fixed income
you have an account in a national bank
do you have email
Do you have a cellphone

Refinance debt

Different circumstances in life can lead us to accumulate different debts . And sometimes, unfortunately, we are not as much in control of our destiny as we would like. We may lose our jobs, our income may decline, or new monthly expenses may arise. Unfortunately, we cannot foresee everything.

While practicing a responsible exercise when acquiring debt we can reduce our risk of ending up in this situation, there is no shame if we end up owing more money than we can pay . When this happens, it is not a time to regret, but to take action.

Basically, if we have a number of monthly debts that we cannot appease with our income, the most logical thing would be to increase our income. However, we will not always be able to achieve this, since we would surely have tried it before.

Therefore, the other option we have is to reduce the amount of debt that we will pay per month. Although this will increase the total money to be returned , it may be our only alternative. And this is what Debt Reunification credits are for .

Should I reunify my debts?

Refinancing our debt sounds great. If I pay € 300 per month; Why would I give up paying € 150? The answer is that reunifying our debt will always mean ending up paying more interest. This is due to the following:

  • We take out a new loan . Every time we reunify our debt, we take out a new loan. This means that there will be extra interest added to what we have to pay on previous loans. So, if you have a debt at 30% APR and another at 15% but you reunify them in a debt at 5%, you are not saving, if not paying 5% more.
  • The longer we take, the more we pay. The APR is an annual index. This means that loans always get more expensive the longer it takes us to pay them off. And because reducing the fee always means lengthening the term, we will always be paying more.
  • They are more expensive credits. Granting a loan to someone with a good collection of debts is a risky investment. Therefore, finance companies usually apply more interest to cover possible losses.

As you can see, reunifying your debt is a risky option. For this reason, from Hooly Loans we recommend reunifying your debt only if it is totally essential. Don't do it for convenience, if not out of necessity .

Tips for Debt Reunification

If you have already assessed the pros and cons of reunifying your debt and have decided to hire this service, there are certain aspects that you will have to take into account. At Hooly Loans we give you several tips.

  • Hire it only if necessary. We insist on this step; just take out a debt reunification loan if you need it.
  • Compare different options. Do not take out the first loan that offers you to reunify your debt. Being an option that not all entities give, you may believe that the one that grants it does you a “favor”. Think that you are a client, and that is what financial companies are looking for, so you can always compare with other options and even negotiate conditions.
  • Look for deals. There are financiers who even negotiate to lower the APR you pay. If your debt is small, for example, there are up to 0% offers on loans of € 300. Weigh all of your options before making a decision.