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Hooly Loans offers flexible personal loans to repay between 2 and 42 months with a minimum APR of 6.95% and a maximum of 2,899.03%.
For example, for a loan of € 3,000 with repayment in 12 months, the costs will be € 710.28, the total amount to be repaid will be € 3,710.28 with an APR of 49.9%.

Save time and money

With just one application, you can get different loan offers from different companies in just 15 minutes. Select the best offer and save money.


Hooly Loans offers loans of up to 10,000 euros.

When you leave a loan application, it will be presented to different banks to get the best offer. Immediate loans are not guaranteed. They can be granted without endorsement, without payroll, without paperwork. 100% online!

Who can apply for a loan?

if you are between 18 and 80 years old
you reside in Cameroon
you have a fixed income
you have an account in a national bank
do you have email
Do you have a cellphone


Sometimes we need a timely injection of cash. We will not always have the need to request a loan of several thousand euros, but we will need a small amount simply to get out of trouble. It may be a late invoice or an unavoidable one-time expense, but often € 50 or € 100 make a difference.

In these cases, what we will need to ask for is a microcredit . These types of products, which proliferate on the internet, are loans based on speed and flexibility. They are products that can give us a reasonable amount of money in a few minutes and with the minimum of necessary documentation.

Of course this sounds perfect, but like everything else, it has its counterpoints. For example, these microcredits, as their name suggests, do not usually have high ceilings. As a general rule, for new clients, they usually offer a maximum of € 300, and even for regulars, it is rare to see them offer loans of up to € 1000 .

In addition, speed and lack of requirements often translate into higher interest rates. Although the APR can be deceptively high, since they are loans that are paid in days, it is true that their cost is proportionally higher than the rest of the loans. However, when we ask for little money, inevitably, we will pay few commissions to be percentage.

Advantages of microcredits

Microcredits have a bad reputation, both for being a new product born on the internet, and for their APR rates that can exceed 1000%

It is not a secret that they are proportionally more expensive products than personal loans. However, we will always be asking for small amounts, so if we pay on time, we should not contract a millionaire debt for asking € 50 , as is sometimes understood. There is a lot of ignorance regarding this type of products.

Remember that, by contracting a microcredit, you will have two services that are not common in other types of loans: speed and flexibility . You will have your loan in minutes and you will not need to open accounts or send excessive documentation. And loans, like all products, charge for their services.

As a note, microcredits were born, in fact, as a solution for the most disadvantaged layers of India. Therefore, a responsible use of this type of credit is as legitimate as traditional banks.

Is it safe to ask for a microcredit?

The answer is easy: yes . Applying for a microcredit is as safe as requesting any type of credit. These types of products are not particularly dangerous, although the entities that offer microcredits are less known. But, of course, scams can happen.

For this reason, from Hooly Loans we have compiled entities that we know to be safe and reliable. After this first filter, you always have to assess exactly what you are hiring, since although they are legal, many entities may contain clauses that may go unnoticed.

Although it is safe to ask for a loan through our platform , always read your contract. Many times we believe that we have been scammed, when we have simply overlooked some detail.