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Request a Loan of Up to € 10,000

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Hooly Loans offers flexible personal loans to repay between 2 and 42 months with a minimum APR of 6.95% and a maximum of 2,899.03%.
For example, for a loan of € 3,000 with repayment in 12 months, the costs will be € 710.28, the total amount to be repaid will be € 3,710.28 with an APR of 49.9%.

Save time and money

With just one application, you can get different loan offers from different companies in just 15 minutes. Select the best offer and save money.


Hooly Loans offers loans of up to 10,000 euros.

When you leave a loan application, it will be presented to different banks to get the best offer. Immediate loans are not guaranteed. They can be granted without endorsement, without payroll, without paperwork. 100% online!

Who can apply for a loan?

if you are between 18 and 80 years old
you reside in Cameroon
you have a fixed income
you have an account in a national bank
do you have email
Do you have a cellphone

Find Credits Online

Long ago, requesting a personal loan meant having to go to the bank to which we have belonged all our lives, chat with our manager, possibly wait for his offer for a few days and present a few documents so that the entity approves us the credit.

And it is not too long since the credits were a matter of offices and paperwork. With the exception of some telematic entities such as Bridge Loan, which could operate by telephone, fax or letter, and still took a few days and required certain documentation, it was unthinkable to request a loan without having to carry a good handful of papers and in person .

Luckily, the emergence of the internet in our lives has facilitated the birth of a new product: online credit . These types of loans are offered both by traditional banks through their online banking, as well as through remote finance companies or even Fintech dedicated exclusively to this type of product.

In recent years, online credits or quick loans have emerged like foam and the advantage is fierce among them. While we may feel lost at times, this means that we will benefit from your offers in the long run. And Hooly Loans was born to help you find the one you are looking for, so don't be overwhelmed!

Advantages and disadvantages of online credits

If you need an online credit, before ordering any type of product, you should know its advantages and disadvantages. As we say in Hooly Loans , there is no perfect credit for everyone, if not for each individual and their circumstances. Therefore, you have to take into account both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of online credits:

  • They are more comfortable
  • They are faster
  • They are less demanding

The Disadvantages of online credits:

  • They are usually more expensive
  • They usually require having Online Banking
  • Your limits are smaller

As you can see, to say the least, online credits are usually small amounts, with few requirements, but with interest that compensates these services. Think that when a finance company decides to give you a loan without hardly verifying your creditworthiness, and investing in technology to confirm your identity, the finance company assumes a risk. You become a high-risk investment , and the way in which the financial company makes sure not to lose money is by applying higher prices.

Of course, not all online credits are the same. We are talking about fast online loans, since you can request lifelong personal loans electronically, although they usually ask for more paperwork and sometimes we are clients.

Find the loan you need

Now that you know what online loans are like, that's when you should be clear about what type of loan you need. As we never tire of saying, there are no perfect loans , if not loans that fit you.

Broadly speaking, we can divide online credits into 2 different types.

  • Mini-credits: These are the online loans par excellence. Of small quantities, they hardly request requirements and you can have them in 15 minutes in your account. Example: Hooly Loans .
  • Personal loans: These are the loans of a lifetime, but in an online version. They have higher amounts and are usually cheaper, but can take longer to enter. Example: Bridge.

As you can see, it will depend on your needs. If you require € 50 for tomorrow, you will have to take out a mini-credit. If instead you are not urgent and you need a greater amount, you will have to take out a personal loan.